Floor heating Calculator

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Plan your installation with our floor heating calculator. Based on the surface area of the floor to be heated, the calculator will tell you which products you need and the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Please refer to the product’s installation manual for details on how to complete your installation.

How do I calculate the surface area to be heated (ft.²/m²)?

1 Create a plan of the room to be heated. Draw it to scale and include all dimensions. Include all spaces taken up by fixed elements (shower, bath, vanity, toilet (4 ft.² or 0.37 m²), cabinets, washing machine, tumble dryer, etc.). Calculate the total surface area to be heated.

Note: Don’t forget to subtract the fixed elements from the surface area to be heated.

2 Calculate the perimeter of the surface area to be heated, taking into account all clearances required, e.g., interior walls, exterior walls, bath, shower, island, etc.

3 Enter the resulting surface area and perimeter into the floor heating calculator in the appropriate fields.

4 Because the calculator is designed to suggest one or more products that will cover an area of exactly the size of the surface area or slightly smaller than the surface area to be heated and because it’s impossible to know where the cable will end exactly during installation, make sure you include an area of the floor that doesn’t need to be heated. This space will be used for excess cable during installation (e.g., behind a toilet, behind a door or along a wall - a space that won’t affect your comfort).

Note: The cable cannot be installed in areas where there will be permanent fixtures (islands, counters, bathtubs, electrical appliances, etc.).

For a membrane installation, you need to consider the total surface area of the room in question, in order to have enough material. The membrane must cover the entire room.